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As KodKurdu software, We understand the importance of helping your business keep up to speed with the ever-changing world of technology, particularly where your website is concerned. Give your website the SEO and mobile performance boost it deserves with Google AMP pages!

Your business has to be visible in every possible way and that’s why we are here to assist you. The speed of your website and web pages is important for a number of reasons. It has an impact on your ranking with search engines and in turn that will have an impact on your traffic. However, your visitors need your page load time to be as quick as possible, especially where mobile devices are concerned. We live in a world where people carry out tasks online while they are on the move. Therefore, load time and loading speed go hand in hand because they have a direct impact on the success of your business. So, to overcome this issue, our Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Services are designed to create optimised web pages and content that loads instantly. Giving your site speed a significant boost.

Google AMP

Benefits Of Mobile AMP Pages

Enchanced Speed

If your website is not fast enough then it isn’t working for you or it’s visitors! Everything we do these days needs to be done fast, and that is especially true when it comes to your website. Presenting your content quickly and efficiently will keep your visitors engaged. Amp content loads as much as 85% faster than regular content, proving just how much of an impact it can have

Improved Accessibility

When you consider that users may only give you 5 seconds to display your content and give them what they want, you don’t have a huge amount of time. The attention span of your users is changing and you need to adapt to that. Your customers are looking for information on your services and products and they want to be able to access that quickly.

Faster Distribution

If your brand is equipped with AMP, then you can lead or compete when it comes to distributing content. Delivering content at a faster speed ensures that your readers and visitors become engage with your brand. Therefore, AMP makes distributing content easier and more favourable for all.

Show Your Customers You Care

The idea of using an AMP is important but it shows that your business is innovative and forward thinking.

You will look like a business that is thinking of the future while showing that you are always looking to offer your customers a seamless experience.

This gives an added value proposition and it will make your business and website the place to go for your services or products. Google takes control of the way in which Accelerated Mobile Pages are shown on Mobile devices and so if you use AMP, your business will stand out.

This will give your business a greater level of respect and recognition within your industry but also with your customers. Putting your brand in this position will only work to benefit you.

Open-source project

AMP is an open-source project launched last October led by Google. Dozens of technology companies and ad-tech businesses have been pooling their skills in a bid to improve everyone’s mobile web experience. In essence, AMP makes pages fast by using a stripped-down form of HTML that’s much faster to load – in Google’s own words: AMP pages should load instantly.

Technically speaking, AMP removes cumbersome HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements, resulting in a stripped-down page that only includes the most vital content (text, images, videos, and of course, site ads).

Lightning speed Google AMP Speed

What makes AMP pages load so quickly?

Google has a strict set of optimisations that significantly improve page loading times:

  • Allow only asynchronous scripts
  • Size all resources statically
  • Don’t let extension mechanisms block rendering
  • Keep all third-party JavaScript out of the critical path
  • All CSS must be inline and size-bound
  • Font triggering must be efficient
  • Minimise style recalculations
  • Only run GPU-accelerated animations
  • Prioritise resource loading
  • Load pages in an instant

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