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The increasing number of apps in Play Store and App Store poses bigger challenges and more cost overheads to businesses. And native application development may not be feasible at all times. The mobile web revolution, Progressive Web App, proves to be your knight in armor for cost-effective application development and increased customer conversions. Gartner predicts that 20% of brands will abandon their mobile apps by 2019. PWAs will thrive to be the next application development standard, offering its users the benefits of a fast, reliable, and engaging experience.

KodKurdu Progressive Web App Development helps you to deliver a seamless mobile web experience to your users in a secure environment. Our expert team of PWA developers brings you the market-first advantage with an advanced mobile web solution using modern technologies. We create Progressive Web Apps that run impeccably on numerous platforms and connect with your customers. With KodKurdu Progressive Web Apps, your business presence reaches a wider audience on both the web and mobile with minimal time, expenditure, and effort.

PWA Desteklenen Tarayıcılar

PWA Progessive Web Apps
Service Worker
Web push notifications
Offline browsing
Background synchronization
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Beacons *
Image capture
Video capture

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