What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – works based on certain rules and Procedures set by search engines. No one in this world is absolutely sure and perfect so far on these procedures however when you go with following updated Industry recognized procedures and apply them perfectly with content on website, will achieve high organic ranking on targeted keywords.

To put it simply, SEO will help you feature higher in Google search results. You must remember one thing that no one can guarantee 100% results as it is not in anyone's hand. The rankings are controlled by a set of algorithms designed by Google to produce the best relevant search results so that it is helpful to the end user that is the person searching for answers.

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization

Enterprise Search Engine Optimization

Attract more customers

Discover our SEO service so that millions of search engine users, including your potential customers, can reach your brand.

Enterprise SEO Strategy

One of the major challenges with enterprise SEO is being able to adapt to changes fast. What happens when Google rolls out an update which affects hundreds or thousands of pages on your website?

Keyword Selection

Like all SEO, enterprise SEO begins with smart keyword selection. The emphasis should be on selecting high- and medium-tail keywords that make good categories and subcategories, and can be combined with other words to make long tail queries.

Search Engine Optimization

Every SEO company has its own unique approach and combination of procedures. Success is with those who follow SEO procedures with latest Updates. At Kodkurdu we follow all procedures with perfection and drafting a checklist of on page & off page issues. We ensure relating the content with keywords. Remember SEO is all about patience, there is special magic. But yes if procedures are followed perfectly you can expect results quick. Otherwise SEO is a Long term process and if done incorrectly with wrong practices can lead to blacklisting of websites also.

Reputation Management
Reputation is important and it can also be used against you in a malicious way with false reporting or inaccurate information. We can help bolster your reputation with review management tools and by creating a network of relevant pages to push down those pages with malicious information in search engine results.
Mobile optimization
With more and more people using mobile devices to conduct Internet searches, mobile SEO has become the fastest evolving aspect to proper SEO, now being monitored by Google. Your website must have a mobile layout for improved rankings.
Search Engine Optimization Audit
Our full audits measure on-page SEO and off-page for a baseline measurement upon which growth will be measured. Our report will show exactly what improvements are needed and prioritize them.
Content Management
Content is king. We help create quality content that is infused with our own brand of unique and robust SEO, presented in an informational layout to naturally improve rankings.
Link Building
Creating backlinks to your home page and inner pages is essential for SERP improvement. Backlinks generated will always be high quality links and not generic, large-quantity, bot posts.
Site Architecture
The structure of your website, including categorization, parent and child pages, nesting, and hierarchy, are all important facets in information importance transmitted to Google, showing your “Authority as an Expert” in your specific business. And “Authority” is an SEO factor.
Local Search Engine Optimization
Local SEO is important for brick-and-mortar business who rely on local foot traffic. Our custom local SEO plan involves local schema markups for your website, a number of public maps insertions (such as Google Maps), monitoring local listings, and the utilization of social media features to alert locals of deals or specials – among other items.

SEO Process & Monitoring & Analytics

We believe that monitoring, analysis and attributes are the core of every campaign we conduct and manage. Our first step is to make sure that the correct tracking is performed to measure and report the performance of your campaign.

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